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1. Features
1.1 General
  • 12 channel GPS correlation DSP.
  • ST super-integrated system-on-chip GPS module
  • 1.8V internal logic voltage, but 3.3V capable I/O lines. The device has an on-chip voltage regulator for core logic supply.
  • It has an integrated RF block combined with the high performance CPU of ARM7TDMI microprocessor, high peripheral functionalities and enhanced I/O capabilities.
  • -40oC to 85oC operating temperature range.
  • High Speed CAN module compliant with the CAN specification V2.0 part B (active).
  • Small dimensions (25.4 x 25.4 mm)
  • 2.7V to 3.6V for Input/Output periphery
    3V to 3.6V operating supply range for A/D Converter reference
    1.8V operating supply range for core supply
1.2 GPS Feature
  • 12 channel GPS correlation DSP
    RTCA-SC159 / WAAS / EGNOS support.
  • GPS performance
    stand alone <30m; differential <1m; surveying <1cm
    time to first fix:
    autonomous start 90s, cold start 45s, warm start 7s and obscuration 1s.
1.3 Baseband hardware
  • ARM7TDMI 16/32 bit RISC CPU based host microcontroller.
  • ROM 256K byte
  • RAM 60K bytes + 4K bytes battery backup RAM
  • 1.8V operating supply range for core supply provided by internal Voltage Regulator
  • 4 channels 12-bit sigma-delta Analog to Digital Converter (ADC),
  • Wake-up unit allows exiting from powerdown modes by detection of an event
  • One Serial Communication Interface (UART) allows full duplex, asynchronous
  • Correlator DSP performs correlation and accumulation of results for 12 satellite channels
  • Real time clock module with 32KHz low power oscillator


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